Buying And Installing Preformed Waterfalls

preformed waterfallWhat could be more soothing and relaxing than the sound of a waterfall in your garden? Constructing a waterfall sounds like a difficult and time consuming task, but using preformed waterfalls makes it a simple project that you can complete in a short time.

Fibreglass waterfalls are made to look like real rock and are so realistic in appearance that you will think they are genuine rocks until you pick one up and feel how light it is. Because of its light weight, installing a fibreglass waterfall will not be a backbreaking task but an enjoyable venture.

If you have a pond, you know that it needs oxygen to keep the pond filter bacteria and fish alive. Waterfalls with submersible pumps that let the water overflow help circulate water in a pond and supply it with oxygen. A preformed pond waterfall will help inhibit algae build up and make your pond more attractive to birds and other animals. Also, mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and your waterfall will keep the water in motion so mosquitoes will not find a welcome spot there.

When you purchase a preformed waterfall, choose a size that will be compatible with the dimension of your pond, and remember that a higher waterfall will produce a louder sound and a lower waterfall will create a more soothing effect. Installing it on the side of your pond with the most curves will provide a more pleasing effect for your waterfall. Add an inch of sand to the hole for your waterfall after you dig it, and disguise the hose and fittings with rocks and plants. When siting it, ensure that there is an adequate lip overhanging the pond liner to prevent water running away into the ground.

A black, flexible ribbed pond hose with a wide diameter is best for connecting the waterfall inlet to the pump. The black colour helps prevent growth of pond algae in the hose, which would restrict the pump flow. Use smooth bends where necessary with no right angles or kinks and preferably no fittings that would inhibit the water flow. Your pump should deliver about 70 to 100 gallons or 250 to 350 litres of water per hour. Using two pumps in a pond instead of one will save electricity and be more cost effective than buying just one larger pump. If you have two pumps, you can turn off the one that supplies water to the waterfall when you are at work or in bed, and leave only the smaller pump running to keep the water oxygenated. If you have fish in the pond, you must leave a pump running constantly to supply oxygen for them, and one smaller pump uses less electricity.

Finish the project by creating a pleasing atmosphere in your garden with landscaping in the area around your waterfall. It would be wise to install some lighting around your pond for security as well as for the added beauty it provides. For the sake of safety, never leave small children alone in a garden with a pond and waterfall.

The sound of water cascading over a waterfall in your garden can ease away the stress of a long tiring day and be just what you need to help you wind down and relax. For maximum enjoyment and a feeling of peace and tranquility, be sure to supply comfortable seating near the waterfall. It will soon become your family’s favorite spot in the garden.

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